Pinoy Food Guide was created to help you find easy-to-learn cooking tips and guides as well as delicious recipes of various foods we could think of. Certainly this includes Filipino/ Asian dishes, some global food we can locally adopt, food hacks, food twists, copycat recipes, and many more.

We all know that Filipino’s appreciation for food is what brings us closer to one another. Traditional cuisines that are passed down to different generations are the ties that happily bind us together. No doubt, we have turned food into love. It is part of who each of us are.

Filipino Food By Pinoy Food Guide


Hello! Welcome to Pinoy Food Guide!

As our name suggests, we’ll do our best to be a helping hand to everyone who wants to learn about anything and everything on Filipino food.

Learning to cook is not exactly a walk in a park and along the way, we’ll have questions and confusions like how to make kapeng barako or what’s the difference between gata and kakang gata or tsokolate a and tsokolate e.

As we build this learning hub, those questions in your minds will have clarity as we provide you also with beginner-friendly lessons, tips, and recipes. Every Pinoy as well as everyone who wants to learn about Filipino food will surely have fun cooking. 

This website will pursue a holistic approach as we write the articles and recipes. We want to guide you on every topic we could think of. This website covers:

  • Diverse food recipes including bits of history, trivia, and nutritional information. Learn about the food as you learn cooking them.
  • Food and health. Learn about health benefits, what to eat, and what to avoid when it comes to health conditions.
  • Kitchen tips and techniques. Learn to master your own kitchen and enhance your cooking skills.
  • Foodie guides on street food, restaurants, food shops, and delicacies. Learn about the must-try food around us.
  • How-to guides and cooking hacks. Learn how to be resourceful and smart when it comes to preparing food.
  • Food-related business and entrepreneurship. Learn various ways of earning from food related businesses and get your dose of inspiration from other businesses.
  • Food-related news and updates. Learn about the latest news and events in our local food industry.

Feel free to navigate around the site. We have created several categories that you could check out –whether you already have something specific in mind, or just looking for foodspiration and unique recipes, or simply having a hard time deciding on what to cook for your loved ones.

For starters, you may want to take a look at our recipe index (you’ll find all our recipes here) and our blog (you’ll find articles on tips, lessons, and guides here). We promise to continue creating more because our passion (and hunger) for food never ends.

In case you didn’t find what you’re looking for or you have this idea that you think many people could use, feel free to contact us here.

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